Sanctuary RPG

We are loving this game at the moment. Don't be put off by the ASCII graphics, this game has a great deal going for it. Sanctuary RPG has a lot of people working on it, and a lot of development time has been expended (>10000 hours).  Want to fight blue slime?  Want to run a fantasy-themed tavern?  Want to craft your own magical items?  Need to cause a player "STR overflow error" in enemy robots?  Sanctuary RPG is a 'rouge-like' game for you.  Unlike many RPG games a lot of the most cumbersome and boring mechanics have been abstracted away in favour of a face-paced monster-slaughter fest.  The combat system is strategic and fast.  Unlike many games of this genre you do not end up carrying loads of unused items back to the town to sell.  Instead, unused items are salvage for scrap metal that can be used to make even better items.  This makes for a very fast paced game without losing any of the fun.
Hundreds of monsters and objects all crafted in glorious mono-coloured ASCII graphics!

6 customizable characters to choose from.
He reaches into his bag of gold and pulls out some gold!
Combat is fast paced, full of deadly combos and opportunities for cunning strategies.

Find the Sanctuary RPG homepage - you can pay what you wish to help support development - follow this link.