RSS for LaMetric

One of the latest apps for LaMetric time is a long-time over-due and incredibly useful and welcome addition - RSS feed.

LaMetric is an internet radio, clock, smart speaker all rolled into one. You can read more about it on this blog. I suggest you head over and buy one now. They really are awesome tech toys.

With the RSS feed app, you can spool your favourite websites directly onto the 8-bit display so you never miss an update again. RSS is a way of pushing content from one website to another, automatically, so you don't have to go the original site to check for updates yourself. Really Simple. I've been waiting for this to appear on LaMetric for a long time now.

Need to know when your favourite blogger has posted? You will know without having to switch on your device. You will be able to read the new content directly on your LaMetric scrolling display in all its 8-bit glory.

RSS app running on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Setting up your RSS feed is as simple as adding the RSS feed then clicking a few buttons until your feed appears the way you want it on your LaMetric display.

LaMetric Time app 
The app is really easy to use. You simply add the RSS feed into the appropriate edit box and you should find your feed appearing on your LaMetric display immediately.

The hard part is finding a site's RSS feed. Many sites provide you with this (click the orange icon usually located with the other social media links). This is a link to the BBC news RSS feeds to get you started. Finding the RSS feed for a blogger is much more tricky. As far as I can tell, the best way is to use the following: 

Where is the domain name for the blog. For example, the RSS feed for this blog is 

Don't have LaMetric? Get on the interwebs and buy one now!

That's it for today. If you enjoyed this post, then you might like to read some other LaMetric posts, or other posts about RSS feeds. Maybe you just want something completely different.