New version of Starfunk released

Introducing a new update to Starfunk - version 2_05_a.  (follow the links to the download page).

Starfunk is a game of interstellar trade and combat.  Take on the role of a smuggler, pirate, bounty hunter, trader or asteroid miner.  Explore a huge 2D universe and zap aliens.

What's new in version 2_05_a ? (05/Feb/2013)

Bugs fixed:
*The mining laser no longer slows the game down when activated.
*Making over 19 million space pounds no longer crashes the game.
*Missions are cancelled when traveling into another galaxy.

*All ships and commodities have been tweeked in the interests of game balance.
*Higher bounties and mission rewards.

New Stuff:
*5 new PC ships added.
*Pirates now travel in convoy.

Starfunk - the 2D space trading game.
There are many ways to play STARFUNK: complete missions for rewards; claim bounties on defeated pirates; plunder the trade convoys; mine the asteroids, or trade in up to 8 different commodities across countless solar systems.
 Start playing STARFUNK now -->follow the links to the download page).