A weird website design trick that might just work

Following a conversation with an A-level computing student today, we agreed to experiment with a strange website design trick: put a QR code to your home page on your homepage.

(....pause for dramatic effect)

You might be wondering why you would want a QR code that links to the page you are already on?

Simply to allow easy sharing of the page with anyone looking over your shoulder.

I've put one on our other website (which, yes, I know needs a whole new redesign to stop it looking like a garish, teletext nightmare.  I wish I had the time.  It certainly won't win any awards for design), and I will put one on this page as well soon too.

Thanks to Matthew for sharing his thoughts and doing most of the work in coming up with my idea. Does anyone know of any websites that have tried this?

A QR code to replace the 'home' button for easy sharing of a website across devices.
I wonder how many website designers I will offend with this post.....?

#QRcodes #websitedesign