Windows 10 looks amazing

I've just caught up with the announcement from Microsoft, and can say that I am genuinely excited about Windows 10 which looks truly amazing.  Code written once that runs on every device in an appropriate way.  Seamless transition between tablet and desktop mode.  The MS-Word engine sitting inside your outlook app.  Cortana integrated into desktops.  It all looks like good stuff for those interested in productivity, but they have improved the experience for gamers as well, with the Xbox app sitting on every device.  I know my gamer friends will be interested in the ability to stream Xbox content onto any Windows 10 device.  Even the new web-browser (codename Spartan) looks great.  Microsoft have revolutionised the way we can share content from the web (please, please, please be standards compliant).  I am very interested in the new Surface Hub device, an 84 inch screen with integrated Win 10 and OneNote.  They didn't talk education, but this device has clear applications in the classroom.

The year ahead looks very compelling.

If you haven't already, then do check out the live event: announcement from Microsoft.

All the best of Win 7 and Win 8.  Am I dreaming?  This looks like a quantum leap in Computing.

Oh...and did anyone mention holograms?

Addendum:  Do check out the competition as well.  I understand that Apple may make one or other of their devices a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller this year.