Timetrek is a game by D.Elliot for Program Power (released in Europe in 1982).  I remember this game fondly and so when I found it on the brilliant BeebEm BBC Microcomputer emulator, I thought I would have a go at porting it over to the Windows platform. I hope that neither D.Elliot nor Program Power mind that I have done this.

For the most part all I have had to do is slow the game down so it runs correctly on modern PCs, although I also have made a slight change to the Enterprise's phasers - they didn't work well under Windows.

DOWNLOAD executable and source code. (BB4W source code)

Timetrek is a version of the Star Trek text games that were popular in the 1970's and 80's.  Your mission to command the Enterprise and rid the galaxy of all klingons.  Yes, every single one!  Not a bad little game, from a time when you could squeeze a good game into 11 kilobytes.

Timetrek in all its glorious teletext graphics goodness.

The Enterprise (the 'E') shown on both the galactic map and the short range scan.  The asterisk is a star (don't collide with it), and there appears to be one pesky klingon one quadrant up.

The Enterprise in battle with two klingon ships.  Good stuff!

The rules (part 1)

The rules (part 2)

Choose your skill level carefully as the difficulty ramps up very quickly.

The original cover from the Micro Power release.