New images for Spellunker coming soon

Ever wondered what a Semanticore looks like?  How about a Lexicorn?  I've just heard from Pob, the artist responsible for the graphics in Spellunker and he tells me that he is working on some new graphics for each level of Spellunker - the spelling game from superdecade games.  At this point we will also make the wild speculation that the next release will feature new artwork, as well as new levels, including some REALLY DIFFICULT ones for the truly hard core spellunkers of you out there.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and played Spellunker, so far.  If you haven't then proceed to the downloads page and get Spellunking soon!

Pob's wonderful artwork depicting Wordsworth Spellunker and his adventures.  We are excited to see his new additions.