Happy Birthday Windows 1.0

Windows is 29 years old today.  Here is a timeline showing some of the versions of Windows (that I have used).

It begins!  Oooh look, Reversi!
Windows 3.1. I remember this version fondly, from a time when playing on the computer meant drawing a picture in MS-Paint or getting killed in Minesweeper.  No World Wide Web yet...
Windows 95.  How do I uninstall Internet Explorer?
Windows 98.  How else would I play Lemmings?
Windows ME.  Again fondly remembered, and I think I still have a working machine tucked away in the back of a cupboard somewhere.
Windows XP - totally mind-blowing at the time.
Vista.  Enough said.
Windows 7.  My first two win 7 laptops are still soldiering on.
Windows 8.1.  Perfect for tablets and phones.  Works well on my desktop computer.  Where is the start button?
Windows 10.  The start button is back!
Visit our larger interactive timeline of computing history by following this link.