Excuse Generator

The excuse generator creates random excuses to get you out of any trouble (not guaranteed).  It is a nice way to show both random numbers and storing data in arrays in BB4Win.  Students will want to add their own data to the program and this is achieved by adding to the "data" statements at the end, and changing the values of LEADS%, PERPS% and DELAYS% accordingly.

Excuses, excuses, excuses....

     REM excuse creator
     REM T Street
     REM 2014-11-24

LEADS%  = 6 : REM number of lead-ins
PERPS%  = 6 : REM number of perpetrators
DELAYS% = 6 : REM number of delaying factors

     REM set up arrays to hold all the excuses
DIM lead$( LEADS%-1 )
     DIM perp$( PERPS%-1 )
     DIM delay$( DELAYS%-1 )


     PRINT "Press any key to get a new excuse"
     PRINT "---------------------------------"''
       PRINT FN
       g = GET

     REM gets three random parts and sticks them together
= lead$(RND(LEADS%)-1)+" "+perp$(RND(PERPS%)-1)+" "+delay$(RND(DELAYS%)-1)+"!"

     REM puts the data into the arrays
     FOR n% = 0 TO LEADS%-1
       READ lead$(n%)
n% = 0 TO PERPS%-1
       READ perp$(n%)
n% = 0 TO DELAYS%-1
       READ delay$(n%)

REM lead-ins
DATA "I'm sorry but", "Please forgive me"
DATA "I apologize, however", "I'm never usually like this, but"
DATA "You're never going to believe this, but", "So, I was minding my own business when boom!..."

REM perpetrators
DATA "your mum", "my mum"
DATA "Godzilla", "the ghost of Hitler"
DATA "Darth Vader", "Kevin Specey"

REM delaying factors
DATA "tried to kill me", "ate my homework"
DATA "stole my bycyle", "stole my identity"
DATA "kept asking me 'why?' and wouldn't stop", "came after me"