Games to get you thinking today

Here are a bunch of games to stretch and challenge your hungry minds pulled from many corners of the galaxy.

Many Bothans died to bring you this information...


HEX FRVR is the secret love child of Tetris and Blockbusters.  Place the coloured hexagonal tiles into the grid with the aim of creating a straight line link from one side to the other.  HEX FRVR was created by Not Doppler who creates new games for your enjoyment every Thursday, so don't forget to follow on Twitter for the latest info.

+1 Geek Experience point awarded to Not Doppler (again).

Here I am sucking at this game.

I'll have a B please Bob


Kind of like Risk.  Play with up to seven computer controlled enemies and conquer neighbouring territories by throwing dice.  The more dice you can throw, the greater your chance of winning.

My army is the purple army that is about to get squashed between the two green armies.


Simply a hangman game with  music and a pretty interface. There are thousands of words and thankfully you can turn the music off.  This implementation is a rather easy one; you get loads of lives before you are finally dead.


The Original Leap Frog Game

Here is a test we give to aspiring Computer Science students to see if they can think like a programmer.  The aim of the game is to move the frogs the other side, that is the girl frogs on the right need to move to the left, and the boy frogs on the left need to move to the right.  They can only make one jump at a time and can only jump over one frog at a time.  +1 geek experience point to anyone who solves it.  It CAN be done.

The starting position.  Girls on the right and boys on the left.  Rather like a school disco.

Almost complete - two legal moves to victory.

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