A whole load of logic games for all you geeks

Earn yourself +1 geek experience point  for every puzzle solved.

Plastelina Interactive Logic Games

I am a big fan of this site because the logic games really come to life and there are loads to choose from.  Here is the classic you have a wolf and a sheep and a box of cabbages and you need to get them all to the other side of a river, only you can't leave the wolf and the sheep alone, for obvious reasons, similarly with the sheep and the cabbages.  Well, I won't spoil the fun for you if you haven't already solved it...

The first step to solving the puzzle - the only safe move.
Game number two is a variant of the above game, only this time you have three missionaries and three cannibals.  The Cannibals eat the missionaries if ever they outnumber them.

It is worth getting this wrong a few times - and you most likely will - just to watch the cute animation of the cannibals eating the missionaries.
...and so it goes on.  There are fifteen games to choose from and I recommend heading over there soon.


A really nice puzzle game that gets very devious.  In Strand you must complete each level by stretching the elastic bands over the virtual pegs.

Stretching elastic bands to connect the dots.

The number on each peg tells you how many bands you need to connect.  In this image the puzzle is nearly solved.  Just one more band to connect.

...and here is a walk through in case you are stuck...

Peg Solitaire

You have probably played this before in the real life (but that is waaay over-rated).  In Peg solitaire simply move the pegs one over the other to remove them.

Move each peg so that it jumps over another peg. That peg is then removed - sort of like in draughts.

The game gets steadily more difficult.  There are two constraints, first the last peg must land on the black space, and also you only have sixty seconds to solve each puzzle.

The four colour problem

It is said that you only need up to four colours to fill any map. In this puzzle you must play against the computer to fill the largest possible region in your colours (two for you and two for the computer).

Sort of like Risk, but then again, nothing like Risk.

The Game of Marienbad

Saving the most evil until last.  Try and beat the enigmatic 'M' in his favourite game - Marienbad.  There are four piles of sticks and players take turns to remove any number of sticks from one pile (but only one pile at a time). The player who is forced to pick up the last stick is the loser.

It starts off easy.  Pick any number of sticks from one row.

And then you get defeated.

Over and over again.

When you get bored of being humiliated by 'M', do check out the rest of the SmartKit website. There are dozens of games to play.  One of my favourites being Rightbot, leftbot.

A very simple game that gets very challenging quickly.  in this game you push the robots using the corresponding buttons.  Each robot can only move in one direction when activated, but they can push each other as well.  Introduce a few teleporters and obstacles and you have a very challenging game.
Th..th..th..that's all folks.
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