Launch alert

We are getting ready to go to space!

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At 12:00 noon (UK time) on Friday the 1st May, we will launch Proxima, the first web-based, hypothetical, light-speed space voyage.  Proxima will travel through the solar system at 300,000,000 m/s visiting the orbits of every planet in the solar system before altering course and making a bee-line for Proxima Centauri.

Even at the speed of light, the voyage will take over four years.

Project Proxima is a teaching tool and time capsule, designed to help explain the vastness of interstellar space.  You can follow Proxima using the hashtag #ProjectProxima, or the Twitter profile @proximaspace.

Over the following four years follow Proxima as it crosses the Oort Cloud and clears the Heliopause, then join the celebration as we finally reach the Sun's nearest neighbour.

"The stars, my destination" - Alfred Bester.

Project Proxima - from Leeds to Proxima Centauri