Bug fixed in Spellunker

I became aware of a bug in Spellunker that crashed the game shortly upon loading.  This bug is now fixed and you can download the latest version of Wordsworth's adventures on the downloads page by following this link.

I have now test the game on my Windows 7 and 8.1 machines and everything is working as expected.  I have also run the game from a USB device without any problems.  If anyone still has difficulties getting version working, please let me know through the contact forms on this page.

Join Worthsworth Spellunker on his adventures in the Qwerty Caverns.

Cast 'spells' using the letters provide to defeat the various obstacles in Wordsworth's way.

Defeat the Semanticore and the dreaded killer spelling bees.

Score points for the longest possible word within the time limit.
Follow this link to the Downloads page.