What time is it (as a hexadecimal background colour)?

A short program that displays the current time as a hexadecimal background colour.  Source code is below, or you can download the executable for Windows.

Time is displayed as a hex colour (or 'color' if you prefer the incorrect American spelling)

     REM Hex colour clock
     REM T Street
     REM 2015-03-22
     REM based on idea by http://whatcolourisit.scn9a.org/
     COLOUR 2, 180,180,180
REM get the current time
a$ =  RIGHT$(TIME$,8)

       REM find hexidecimal rgb
r$ = MID$(a$, 1, 2)
       g$ = MID$(a$, 4, 2)
       b$ = MID$(a$, 7, 2)

       REM find denary colour value
red%   = VALLEFT$(r$,1)*16 + VALRIGHT$(r$,1)
       green% = VALLEFT$(g$,1)*16 + VALRIGHT$(g$,1)
       blue%  = VALLEFT$(b$,1)*16 + VALRIGHT$(b$,1)

       REM clear the screen to required colour
COLOUR 1, red%, green%, blue%
       COLOUR 1+128:CLS

REM display time
       *font Arial, 16b
       PRINTTAB(30,6)"The time is"
       *font Arial, 60b
       *font Arial, 32b
       PRINTTAB(07,7)"The colour is #"r$g$b$

       REM wait a mo'
OSCLI "refresh"
       WAIT 100
       OSCLI "refresh off"

DEF PROC_preventResize
     REM prevent user resizing window
     SYS "GetWindowLong", @hwnd%, -16 TO ws%
     REM prevent user maximising window
SYS "SetWindowLong", @hwnd%, -16, ws% AND NOT &50000