I'm through with Pandorabots

After a brief fling with Pandorabots and AIML I have decided that the affair is over.

My reasons are that the AIML language is a little primitive and I can do better by coding a chat bot myself. Coding the engine and the chat bot itself seems much more exciting as a project to me.

Secondly, I can host as many chat bots as I want on my own domain (www.superdecadegames.com) for free.

One aspect of AIML that I can do better with is the <vrai> substitutions which require an awful lot of copying and pasting of pre-existing code and can cause problems when the thing you are substituting changes or does not exist.  The <that> construction makes code look a little messy overall and, as I am not afraid to get my hands dirty with some regular expressions, I should be able to produce something a little more impressive.

Well, work begins tonight.

Some of these should help.

Goodbye, Mac.  We hardly knew you!