Today we celebrate one year in space

On this day exactly one year ago we launched the world's first hypothetical Internet space mission.

Project Proxima is a light-speed space mission to the Proxima Centauri star system. The aim is to create a teaching tool that helps explain the vastness of interstellar space.

Today, Proxima has travelled over nine trillion km - that's 23% of the way to Proxima Centauri.

A lot has happened in the time since launch: the conservative party won the UK election; we have said farewell to countless well-loved legends of music and screen; Ireland voted for same-sex marriage; liquid water was found on Mars; all countries agreed to reduce carbon emissions; the WHO announced an outbreak of Zika virus, to name a few.

You can get involved in the mission by following on Twitter, or tracking the progress on the website.

You can also become an official supporter and sign up for email alerts.

Here are some nice things people have said about the project:

An interesting thought experiment, wish I'd heard about it before launch.

Travel to Proxima Centauri was (the) theme in Carlsagan Contact nook which my self and my daughter loved very much. To relive the experience is exciting.

Supercool!! Can't wait for launch!

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