New characters in Have Spell Will Travel

Following some feedback from players, I have implemented some new characters into Have Spell Will Travel (and I intend to add some more soon!).

What is Have Spell Will Travel? Only the best 2D text-based adventure game ever! In #HSWT you can choose one from over two hundred characters in an attempt to complete various quests. You have at your disposal 15 statistics that describe your character. Each challenge will require you to test these statistics, however you are never told how difficult the challenges are. It is up to you to work out how best to tackle a challenge, and up to you to decide whether you will use your magical items to assist you.

Character sheet for a Dwarf Adventurer. Dwarfs are good at 'Endurance' and 'Intuition' based tasks.
Here is an example of a challenge.  The Rabid sheep can be tackled by testing one of five of your stats, but some are more difficult to complete than others. Even though my Dwarf is better at combat than hiding, it may be the case that hiding is easier to complete than combat. Success at Have Spell Will Travel is a careful blend of luck, lateral thinking and extreme violence (well, not the last one).

I have recently added three new characters: The Treant, the Feline and the Robot. Where the Treant is strong and wise, the Feline is a stealthy warrior. The Robot on the other hand is extremely tough and intelligent, however it cannot eat or drink potions; nor can it visit the healer or be turned into a Vampire. This is Have Spell Will Travel the hard mode, because it has not escaped my attention that the robot cannot replenish lost lives in any way. Maybe I will fix this in the next version, with some sort of robot puncture repair kit.

If you have read this far, then it is likely that you will really want to just click this link and play it.

If you enjoy #HaveSpell, then do please let me know (especially if you defeat Warren Fogbender, meet Bert or find the whereabouts of the Armoured Weremole).