Here's a fantastic site for when you need to track your uncle's incoming flight, or if you just want to spy on the hundreds of flights as they enter and leave your country each day.  Flightradar24.com uses real data collected from volunteers to track aircraft using ADS-B technology and other methods.

Hold on to your hats!

Flightradar24 comes packed with features: altitude, climb rate, speed, latitude, longitude, squawk transponder codes, flight number etc etc.  Everything for your plane spotting needs.  Simply click on an aircraft for more information.

Here I am tracking British Airways flight SHT2963 to London cruising at a cool (frosty) 31,000ft.
You can track flights online in your browser, or install the app for Windows, ChromeOS or Android. There is also a 'cockpit' view however it needs Google Earth plugin, and even though I have this installed it still doesn't work. Such a shame as this would be a really cool feature.

We all end up washed-up in Blackpool at some point in our lives.
Another really cool features is the 'playback' which allows you to fast-forward through a whole day of aircraft traffic faster than the adverts on SKY+.

If you are still awake, or more likely, haven't stopped reading, log in now then look up to see if you can see a flight travelling over your home, or follow them on Twitter @flightradar24.

New geeky things are now boarding at gate 42.  See you tomorrow.