So long Ceefax

This is a post for anyone who remembers a time before The Web, when the height of digital entertainment was the one-kilobyte-per-page, primary-coloured block-graphics wonderland that was teletext (lower-case t).  If you are still awake, and remember the joy of the Bamboozle quiz on Channel 4's Teletext (caps T) - then read on!

I was delighted to discover the Teletext Preservation Project, an attempt to archive some of the many pages from the UK teletext providers (BBC's "Ceefax", C4's "Teletext" and ITV's Oracle - which I was also delighted to discover is an acronym for Optional Reception of Announcements by Coded Line Electronics).  I have shamelessly stolen some images from the TPP for use in this post.

How we watched the 1997 general election results.  Damn you, Tony Bliar.....!!
How we celebrated.

The last ever Bamboozle screen *sob*

Utter lies, but at least the BBC coders had a sense of humour.

Other notable websites keeping teletext alive include The Teletext Museum (this link showing how the events of the 11th September 2001 were reported) and Alan Pemberton's website (an informative history of the subject).