Destroy The World

Just because I am feeling that way inclined, a series on links to various simulators that let you cause simulated damage to this fragile planet.  #pollution #impact #nuclearwar #flooding

Breathing Earth

This simulator by Volnaiskra shows estimated birth and death rates across the planet, including CO2 emission rates. The data comes from various sources including the CIA and the United Nations. Hover over a country for more information.

Impact Earth

Feel the need to hurl rocks at the Earth?  Impact Earth written by Gareth Collins, H. Jay Melosh and Robert Marcus for Purdue University lets you do just that.  Set the diameter, density, angle of trajectory and velocity, as well as your distance from the impact and stand back and watch the chaos.  The app comes with loads of presets as well.  Need to know what happens when you fire a whale at the Earth?  The answer is here.

Nuclear Darkness

Nuclear Darkness by Alan Phillips is an exploration of nuclear war (read 'nuclear disaster').  Choose a location and weapon type and this app calculates the destruction.  All world leaders should see this site.

The data and algorithms used to create these simulations are based on information found in "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons", 3rd Edition, by Samuel Glasstone and Philip J. Dolan.  Also the work of Dr. Alexander Montgomery and Dr. Lynn Eden.

Once you have finished playing with the simulator, there is a wealth of information on the effects of nuclear war, simulations, infographics and more.

Flood Map

Set your location and sea level with this app.  See the damage.  Have fun creating the United Islands of America.

From the creators:
"Flood Map application is a small contribution using our programming skill towards the fight against natural disaster like flood & probably save a life."