Writing a #javascript game 1

So, with a little time on my hands and a desire to learn some more Javascript I've been working on a new game.  "Have Spell Will Travel" is a  browser game set in a fantasy Dungeons and Dragons meets Top Trumps/Talisman-esque world.  I will avoid writing too much about the game play for now until there is something to actually play.

My first step was to define the various css box-model elements and make sure they work across all platforms.  Next step was to define some nice styles for the background images, and dialogue boxes.  I have chosen to use styled paragraphs with onclick=() methods rather than hyperlinks for navigation.

The page can be broken down into a heading box, (an initially hidden) status box, and a dialogue box that contains the navigation.

I am rather pleased with the progress so far.  More posts soon...