The 2015 #Pumpkin for #halloween

Introducing the 2015 Superdecade Games Hallowe'en pumpkin (jack-o'-lantern):

It's a monster!

Careful excavation.  Get am adult to help with this.  I got my dad to do it because I'm only five years young.

Cutting off the skin. Cut out small shapes which should peel off easily.

I've used a really sharp knife here.

I'm using the natural grain in the pumpkin to mark out the teeth.  There is no need to cut all the way through at first.

Carefully shaping the teeth.

I've used household bleach to kill any 99.9% of the surface bacteria. This is an attempt to preserve the pumpkin for longer.

The pumpkin has been rinsed and then dried with a hair dryer.  Once it is dry I've coated the surface with petroleum jelly.  This is an attempt to stop oxygen and bacteria from getting to the exposed flesh of the pumpkin.  This *should* make the pumpkin last a little longer.

My pumpkin is now a jack-o'-lantern with addition of a candle.

The finished product.  Raaaaaghhhh!
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