The A-Z of geek: A is for Arcadians

I have decided to post a series of geeky things in alphabetical order. Most probably these will all be retro computer games that I play on my vintage machines, but as time goes by, well, who knows...? All I can admit is that the geek factor will be high and the memes spicy.

Kicking off the list with...

A is for Arcadians.

Arcadians is an arcade shoot-the-aliens game for the BBC microcomputer, reminiscent of Space Invaders.  In actual fact Arcadians is it a clone of Galaxian licensed to Superior Software.

In Arcadians you control a space craft at the bottom of the screen and defend yourself from the hoards of three-coloured aliens that attack you from above. The aliens have just three tactics: move horizontally; dive down dropping bombs, and dive down in greater numbers dropping more bombs.  You score twice as many points for roasting the aliens whilst they are moving, with the exception of the bosses who can net the skillful pilot up to 800 points with one shot. The aliens attack with ever increasing numbers as the game progresses.  The position at the far left and right of the screen is usually a safe place to hide from the suicidal aliens, however getting there through a hail of bombs is a tough task, and you may only have one missile in the air at any one time.

"We are the Ardacians" they taunt.  Instructions "Destroy all aliens"
Arcadians was one of the first games I ever played on the BBC computer and hence its position in this list is guaranteed.

Video of Arcadians game play (not my video)

Arcadians is available for your retro beeb computer or emulator and is available from the usual places. See if you can beat my hi-score for today of 9210 and earn yourself one geek experience point if you succeed.

The gorgeous MODE 7 introduction screen running in BeebEm